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Happy New Year

If anyone is still reading this blog, first off – thanks for sticking with me. Both time and motivation for blogging have been in short supply lately. It’s been a bit of a funny year, especially of late. Despite graduating with my doctorate in January, I found myself taking another graduate-level class this fall in an effort to expand my professional skill set. It was a valuable experience, but if I’m honest, a bit more time-consuming than I anticipated. I have a growing list of blog post topics in an Evernote notebook, but between that and professional and personal obligations, it’s been all I can do just to keep my eyes open late enough to put my own kids to bed lately, let alone sit down and write anything coherent (as evidenced by the present post, coming just about three hours before the end of 2015). Even Winter Break – which is usually more than enough to recharge my batteries – feels like it’s been so busy that I’m only getting those batteries to about 50-60% on any given day.

It’s entirely possible that I’ve just bitten off a little more than I can reasonably chew recently; it certainly wouldn’t be the first time. As averse as I am to New Year’s resolutions, it probably wouldn’t hurt for me to sit down this weekend, take stock of what exactly is draining my energy so inordinately, and take action to remedy. Sounds simple enough, but sometimes when you’re stuck in a rut it’s difficult to step outside yourself to examine the situation objectively, which is exactly what needs to be done – and what I need to do.

Right after I take a nap…