• I hope congratulations are now in order (Twitter has been like a soap opera later, complete with cliffhangers!)

    Best wishes to you, your wife and two (I hope) little ones.


  • Exciting! Hope all goes well and I’ll be checking back.

  • Yay! Congratulations. I guess it wasn’t the Super Bowl hot-wings after all. I hope everyone is doing well.

  • I hope everyone is well!

  • Can’t wait to hear how everything went! Congrats in advance 🙂 You’ve kept me entertained w/ baby tweets through hours of boring work………….. I’ll be checking back……..

  • Damian,

    In case you’ve been too busy to do this:


    Love to all,

  • Congrats on the arrival of Kiera .. the pics are very nice!

  • Straight-up…man-to-man!

    If you have another, you and your wife will have to go to a zone defense.

    Way beatable. They’ll send one into open space. You and your wife, reacting before communicating, will both slide to intercept.

    The other two will zip right by you.

    Congrats on balancing the see-saw!

    Happy times indeed!

  • Congrats! Enjoy snuggling with the little one and happy birthday to the big boy.

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