RSS Update 2

Against my better judgment, I’ve decided to stay with Feedburner as this blog’s RSS provider.  Stories of Feedburner’s impending demise have been circulating since late 2012, when Google closed up shop on Feedburner’s API and deleted the service’s blog and Twitter account.  Despite apparently having fallen out of favor at Google, it’s still functional, and I just wasn’t able to find a comparable free service I felt comfortable with.

I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea that Feedburner could just disappear (or worse, remain ostensibly “up” but non-functional, with Google unresponsive), but I suppose that’s the risk we run with any of these free web services.  Easy come, easy go; it’s not like I can demand a refund.  It’s a bridge I’ll have to cross if/when I come to it.

At any rate, the Feedburner address is now sourced from the feed generated by the new domain name, so if you are a previous subscriber, you shouldn’t need to change anything.  If, however, you subscribed to the native feed from the old domain (, that will stop working once the old domain expires, so now’s as good a time as any to make the switch.  You can click on the RSS or email icons under Subscribe to Updates in the sidebar, or just click here to subscribe to RSS.

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