My Inbox: Let Me Show You It

So I got an email from WetPaint today. It’s a typical website newsletter, but it starts with an appeal to my ego:


I got to the end of the second paragraph and had to do a double take:


Yeah, lemme get right on that. Before one of those other Damian Bariexcas ganks it on me.

This post was brought to you by FireDoodle, the Firefox add-on that turns your browser into a whiteboard.


  • Well, if nothing else, their email to YOU inspired ME to create a wiki at wetpaint 🙂 You’re a good marketer, LOL!

  • D’oh! If I was shilling for anybody in this post, it was Firedoodle! A failure is me.

  • Hilarious! Thanks for brightening up my Thursday morning 🙂

  • Update – I don’t like the wetpaint wiki – TONS and tons of ads, not cool for what I’m doing with it. I did notice firedoodle, but can’t take advantage of on my school computer 🙂

  • I’m not sure you have to worry about the domain being taken. Thanks for the FireDoodle tip though!

  • Thanks for the fireDoodle tip.

    Update – You can request an ad-free wiki from wetpaint. You just need to email them a request as an educator. When I did this it was pretty quick.

    I like it becuase you can add a discussion thread to each of your pages. I find that very useful and I also think the “look” of it is a bit more web page and a bit less wiki.

    What I hate about it – it doesn’t always play nice with IE and that is all we are allowed to have on our school computers (sniff, sniff).

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