Testing 1, 2, 3…

I have moved my blog from Edublogs to a privately hosted WordPress blog; all old posts and comments have been exported to this new site.  If you subscribe via RSS, you don’t need to change anything; the Feedburner feed has already been redirected.  However, please note the new permanent domain: https://blog.drdamian.org.  The old address – apaceofchange.edublogs.org – will have one final re-direct post, and then will no longer be updated.  I will delete that blog after I get everything set up over here.

If any of you have me linked in your blogroll, I would really appreciate you updating the address, especially now that I plan to actually start blogging again!

The new blog is nothing to look at yet, but I will be playing with the layout & theme over the next few days, but probably more extensively over Winter Break.  Until I pretty it up, well… content is king, right?


  • Let me know if you need a lil’ help. Default is not a cute font anymore.

  • Yep, welcome aboard to the wubbulous world of WordPress. 2.7 is supposed to be due out any day, so give me a holler when you need to upgrade. Oh, and check out my site for a list of pluging you might need.

    Getting you linked right now…

  • PS–you can just change the feed on your Feedburner account from edublogs to this one, and you won’t lose any readers! It’s technically the same feed, just coming from a different source. Let me know if you need some help setting that up…

  • Thanks fellas! Nice to have folks I can turn to for help when the documentation just gets mind-numbing.

    @Rick – I’ve already updated the RSS feed, thanks! Feedburner makes it very easy.

  • Looks good, now all you have to do is upgrade to 2.7 🙂

    Raj’s last blog post..Missed it by that much

  • @Raj Done and done – the 2.7 dashboard is awesome.

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