Thanks for Sticking Around!

I just logged into Feedburner for the first time in months to see that I actually have more subscribers now than when I was blogging regularly.  So first off, thanks for sticking with me, even when life circumstances have more or less forced me to mothball this place for quite a while.

At any rate, that new job I mentioned in my last post – I start it January 5.  As much as I detest New Year’s resolutions, I’ve been thinking about making a concerted effort to get back into blogging at that time.  When I started here, I was sometimes posting 3-4 times a week.  That frequency dropped off after a while, and now in the last third of this year I think I’ve only managed two or three posts, including this one.

My unofficial New Year’s resolution (let’s call it a New Job resolution instead) is going to be a semi-regular blogging schedule of 2-4 times per month.  If I can set aside time once a week to write a relevant post (as well as a return to form in commenting on your blogs), I’ll be grateful.

I’ve also got a few things I’ve been working on for a while that I’ll be rolling out around that time.  If you’re still with me after the holiday blitzkrieg, I’d like to share as I simultaneously transition between school buildings and career roles.

If I don’t post again til then, have a peaceful and blessed holiday season, and enjoy whatever time you get with your loved ones.


  • Damian,

    I’m looking forward to your “return.” It will be interesting to see how your perceptions of education change, or are reinforced, by your change in title.

    Holiday greetings to your, your wife, and your two little ones.

  • My momma always told me never to judge people by the number of posts they compose in a given week.

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  • Hi Damian,
    Congrats and good luck in your new role as a school psych. I hope your new school/district will allow you to expand the job so you do more than just testing kids. The school psych in my building is very involved in counseling, interventions, parent assistance, and general leadership in the school. I hope your new role affords you the same freedom to work with students in this manner.

    Anyway, I am impressed with your switch over to the new blog. I am in the process of doing the same thing – moving to WordPress, that is. I have a few questions that maybe you can help me with.
    1. How did you get the copyright at the very bottom (2008 A Pace of Change)?
    2. Can you share how to re-route RSS feeds automatically so when people go to my old blog, it directs them to the new one? Is that even possible?
    3. Do you know anything about the new 2.7 version? Can I get it for free? How?

    Thanks, and take care. BTW, here is the link to my new blog. It is definitely a work in progress.
    – Dave

    Dave Sherman’s last blog post..Google Docs Rocks!

  • Hi Dave – Thanks for the kind words! I actually asked how involved I could be in roles other than testing when I interviewed, and I was told that testing only makes up a small portion of what I’d do in a given year, so that looks promising.

    Congrats on the move to WordPress; you won’t regret it. To answer your questions:

    1. The copyright notice showed up automatically as part of my theme (I think it’s a macro that just inserts the blog title after “Copyright” and the year). If your theme has a footer, it will probably just show up; if not, I bet you can edit footer.php and put it there yourself.

    2. I used Feedburner to manage my feed instead of the Edublogs native RSS at the old site, so it was just a matter of logging in to Feedburner and typing in my new URL; people who subscribed via Feedburner were automatically fed the new content. If you were using your old blog host’s RSS, unless they have some way of migrating the feed, you’ll probably have to alert folks to subscribe to the new one.

    3. WordPress 2.7 is indeed free – get it here. The dashboard is much improved and very intuitive.

    Thanks for the new link to your site; I’ll update my blogroll.

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