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Seeking Special Educators

Last summer, I had the opportunity to teach my first graduate course at Delaware Valley College, Developmental Disabilities.  Aside from professional development workshops, this was the first teaching I’d done since leaving my high school English position to become a school psychologist.  I had a fantastic time guiding future teachers as they learned about developmental disabilities and the legal and ethical issues surrounding special education, and I managed to not screw up too badly do well enough that I was invited back to teach again this summer.  That’s where you come in!

I would like to bring the vast experiences of my PLN into this class.  One of my assignments will require my students to interview a special educator.  Since many of my students have limited, if any, connections to schools and teachers, I would like to provide them with a list of special education teachers (current or former) who would be willing to answer some questions, likely over Skype or telephone.  I am also seeking guest speakers (professionals, parents, etc.) who would be willing to Skype in to our class one Tuesday or Thursday evening for a discussion with the class.

Last year, I had several more volunteers than I had students, which was an awesome problem to have, and I hope to have a similar response this year.  If you would like to be part of this experience, please add your name, contact info, and level of interest to this Google Doc.  Thank you all for your consideration, and I hope either I or my students will be speaking with you soon!