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Turning the Page

It was just under three years ago that I announced here that I was leaving my district at the time to accept a school psychologist position in a new district.  Tonight, I am thrilled to announce that I have once again a) accepted a new position for next school year, but b) I will remain in the same school district I have come to love over the last three years.

Effective September 1, I will no longer be a school psychologist, but rather the Instructional Supervisor for Educational Technology and Related Arts for Lawrence Twp. (NJ) Public Schools.  It’s a brand-new position for the district and a brand-new professional opportunity for me.  After having done so much with ed tech peripherally over the last 14 years, I am excited that I will be able to make that one of my primary professional focuses starting next year.  I’m also looking forward to working with and supporting the work of the fantastic faculty I’ll be supervising, not to mention joining our district’s top-notch leadership team.

I am immensely fortunate to work with and for people I like and respect, and I really can’t ask for much more than to be able to advance in my career in an environment like this one.  It’s very exciting to start a new professional chapter, and as you might imagine, I’ll continue to reflect on my journey in this space, as I have done for nearly half my career now.