New Year’s Eve (No Rockin’ Here)

Gregorians be damned; tonight is the REAL New Year’s Eve – school starts tomorrow for us. Nothing profound to say except to wish all of you who start teaching tomorrow good luck, especially pre-service and first-year teachers – we are all rooting for you.

My wife, whose first day is also tomorrow, has been in bed since eight; I probably won’t slip between the sheets ’til round midnight or one, give or take. Not purely out of choice, mind you, but because I can never get to sleep the night before school starts.

Even after seven years of this, I still feel like I’m slowly approaching the top of the hill on a roller coaster. I’ll crest at about 7:35 tomorrow morning and start screaming Earthward from then until 2:50, during which time I can count on a few loops and spirals (many unexpected). Around 2:50, I’ll pull into the station with a satisfying “SCHFF!”, not knowing entirely what hit me, but knowing that I want to get right back in line for the next ride.

I may be up all night tonight, but I am going to sleep WELL tomorrow.


  • Gee Whiz, I’m jealous — I’ve been back at work for a month already and I’ve forgotten what rested felt like. Did I really take the summer off? Good thing I DO love my job despite the grueling pace of it.

    Seriously, I wish you a wonderful year and thanks for all you share with us on the blog. I’ve only recently found it.

    May your first day be splendiferous!

  • Thanks so much, Suzanne – a belated Happy New Year to you as well! I really appreciate your kind words.

    Going back in August sounds so foreign to me, but you likely get out a lot earlier than us – we usually go until late June.

  • I have been back for a week, but am still buzzing from the first of the year excitement. Today was the first day that my computer lab was fully functioning so it was a great day. Have a super day tomorrow!

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