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As part of my grad school internship, I am working on a wiki for special educators in my district. Editing is currently limited to me, myself, and I, but once I “officially” launch it, I plan on opening that up so all special ed teachers, aides, and CST members in my district can edit (and tracking changes via RSS so I can jump on any vandalism pronto).

It’s a work in progress, so like a bad steak, there are some areas that are more done than others. I’ll be working on this throughout the weekend, but if you have a sec, I’d greatly appreciate any feedback you can offer. Here are my three main goals for this site:

  1. A demystification of some legal and practical information regarding special education in NJ via “plain English” explanations
  2. Empowerment of special ed teachers through information dissemination (specifically w/r/t behavior management and curricular accommodations)
  3. Building of community within the department through invitations to (eventually) collaborate and add to this document

You can leave comments here or hit me up at damian@apaceofchange.com with any constructive feedback – I would appreciate knowing what you think is helpful about the site as well as what you think needs improvement (or what’s missing that you think should be there).

Here’s the address: http://hcspecialservices.wikispaces.com     http://hcss-wiki.wikispaces.com

Thanks, network! Happy December!


  • Damian, I just emailed you my comments…have a great night all.

  • this is cool. I don’t know enough about special ed to really comment, but if the site ran maybe it would help me get demystified, huh? good work.

  • @Pam – Thank you for your email – it was very helpful!

    @Jose – Thanks for your support. Poke around the site a bit – see if you can take anything away from it.

    Love your blog, by the way – keep meaning to drop by and comment more, but the grad school semester is winding down, and you know what that means. Hope to engage more round your way in the coming weeks!

  • haha, thanks Damian. I didn’t notice you had updated the comments, but much appreciated nonetheless. Keep reading and I’m sure something’ll inspire you to write a comment or something. Peace :-).

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