A: Shit.

Q: What did my two-year-old say when one of his magnetic toys fell off the fridge and broke?

I vehemently disagree with those who wish to disarm Taylor and others of their F-bombs (it’s the Internet, people; get a grip), but if I can’t censor myself appropriately around my son, he’ll soon be picking up more than just his broken toys.

Status update: After lots of false starts (hey, the holidays were stressful), I’m three consecutive days “clean”. Oh, and my son? I sat him down and we talked about how when we get frustrated, we should say “Oh, pants!” (first silly-sounding word that came to mind) We practiced it a few times, and he got the giggles so hard he couldn’t say anything for a while. I’ll keep it up with him; I hope it takes like that other word did.


  • Hilarious! I’m going to try to work “pants” into my cussing vocabulary (if I can find room with all the other words that are in there!)

    Thanks for defending me!

  • One time, in college, I found myself crying out, “oh pants” over and over and over again.

    And then, next thing I know, I’m in a fraternity.

    ewww…off to therapy!

  • New look here, eh? Why the change?

  • This is a good lesson for me to stop saying bad words around my little man, too. Or else his first word is going to be f#@$ 🙂 Methinks I should start shouting “pants!” too…

  • @taylor – No problem – there’s definitely a time, place, and purpose for swearing (any sociologist or linguist will tell you that). Being reprimanded for cursing on your blog is kinda like being yelled at for dressing like a slob when you’re just hanging around the house. For some people, I guess, The Internet is Serious Business.

    @ken – Good to see you back! Hope all is well with the twins. I’m still up for that playdate sometime in the spring/summer, if you’re interested (we can even bring our kids). re: the blog, I just needed a change of scenery. We’ll see how it grows on me; I may change it back. I was never happy with the way the posts displayed in the last theme (too small, not dark enough).

    @beth – You’ve got nearly a year or so before you have to worry about him mimicking your words – enjoy it while you *$@%in’ can! Seriously, if I’d known the habit was going to be this hard to break; I’d have started ages ago (“I can quit aaaanytime I want…”)


    The above was what my colleague does to entertain his students. He told me that if you say it aggressively and loudly enough kids will hear some other comment entirely. It stops chattiness dead, but doesn’t go over the board.


    A colleague of mine couldn’t get her students’ attention.. so she asked her students a question guaranteed to get attention. Naturally, there was a shocked, but very focused silence. She proceeded to put up some pics on the smartboard of some birds called crested boobies that she’d taken on her recent vacation.

    Over the top or humor in the classroom?

  • @audrey – Jeez, I dunno – I think that boobies one crosses the line. For me, it’s not the boobies joke, but the “my” part that bothers me – I think it comes too close to sexualizing the teacher to the students (putting aside the argument about gender-based double-standards, etc.). I’ve been known to make some fairly edgy jokes with my seniors, but that’s an arena I really wouldn’t want to touch.

    It’s good to see you back on the scene! Update update update plz kthx.

  • I think I agree with you about the boobie remark… way too edgy for me. But thanks for the prodding.. I needed to get back in.

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