A Very Special #SpedChat

It hardly seems like it’s been over eight months since Deven Black and I hosted the first #SpedChat discussion of special education issues on Twitter.  Since then, the weekly Tuesday night chat (8:30pm EST/EDT; please join us!) has developed a core community of educators and parents, given birth to a wiki of special ed resources (courtesy of Matthew Vannice), and been ably taken over by moderator Chris Vacek.  This coming Monday, May 9, it will also host its first “big name” guests – former Chancellor of DC Public Schools Michelle Rhee and current DCPS Deputy Chancellor for Special Education Dr. Richard Nyankori.

The aforementioned Chris Vacek has already posted a comprehensive overview of the whys & hows behind Ms. Rhee & Dr. Nyankori joining the #SpedChat regulars, so I won’t re-invent the wheel; please read his blog for background information and a list of potential topics for discussion.  I, for one, will be very interested to see how the discussion plays out in this unscripted venue; as Chris states, this is an open, uncensored forum in which Ms. Rhee, Dr. Nyankori, and the rest of us will be participating.  Suggested topics are there only to provide some basic structure; the participants will determine the direction of the conversation.

Please join us by following the hashtag #spedchat on Twitter, starting at 8:00pm on Monday, May 9.

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