Introducing Edcamp Leadership

Most of you who read blogs by educators are at least passingly familiar with Edcamp, the participant-driven “unconference”  for educators based on the BarCamp model.  Edcamps typically do not have keynote speakers or even pre-determined workshop schedules; rather, attendees come together first thing in the morning to offer sessions based on their own knowledge, expertise, and experience.  Sessions are typically more conversation-driven than lecture-driven, and those who offer sessions act more as discussion facilitators than presenters.  In other words, the Edcamp folks have taken the most valuable parts of the professional conference – the “coffee pot conversations” held with your colleagues in between sessions and at lunch – and built the entire event around them.

Since the inaugural Edcamp in Philadelphia in 2011, the model has gone worldwide, with events in Canada, Chile, and Sweden, not to mention all across the United States.  These events have heretofore focused on grass-roots professional learning for classroom teachers.  Coming this summer, however, we are proud to announce the first Edcamp event specifically designed for K-12 administrators and teacher leaders: Edcamp Leadership!

Whether you serve in a formal or informal leadership capacity, or even if you are not a school leader but have an interest in issues pertinent to ed leadership (that means YOU, teachers & parents), please join us at NJPSA/FEA in Monroe Twp., NJ on Thursday, July 26, 2012.  Get directions here, get tickets here*, and follow us on Twitter here!

* Tickets are FREE, but space is limited, so register early!  As of this post, we are already at about 25% (Edit: 75% as of 4/2/2012!) capacity.


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